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Kevin Booth

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Twilight Crosser

Book II in “The Jewel Fish Chronicles"

Breaking the law might be wrong… until the alternative means extinction for a world and its people.

Hailing from different dimensions, a young man—a champion of his tribe—and a young woman, desperate to save her dying brother, must join forces. Only together can they overcome the peril that threatens those they love.

Kreh-ursh, now cast adrift in a strange new world, seeks an answer to the floating death stain that is wreaking destruction on his beloved ocean of Shah. Jade watches helplessly as her younger brother lies sick—not just poisoned but possessed. Together, in their quest for answers, they are drawn toward the mysterious laboratory now operating in Mauri Cove.

Whoever crosses from one dimension to another can never return unchanged. Yet the stakes are raised as, by trying to save their people, Kreh-ursh and Jade risk losing everything they hold dear.

Twilight Crosser, Book II in “The Jewel Fish Chronicles” resumes the story begun in Through the Whirlpool and to be continued in Lake of Stone.

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